Christmas season

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Forgetting the deeper meanings at the root of our symbols and traditions, many of us connect holly with Christmas without going any further.   But for people in the Middle Ages, the bright red berries and green leaves of the holly tree stood out against the cold snow, a promise of life in the midst of winter. They connected the red berries with Christ's blood, shed that we might have life as everlasting as the holly's green leaves, and they considered the points on the holly leaves to parallel the crown Christ will wear when He comes for us again


Christmas is a season full of traditions --- decorations, bells, stars, a SPECIAL child --- and most of all,
happiness.  May your Christmas be filled with joy.


A bride decorates herself for her wedding day with lace, silk, and jewelry.  At Christmas, we decorate our homes and communities with evergreens and lights.  Just as the bride prepares herself for her groom, we prepare ourselves for Jesus