(Aug. 23 edit to the July 19 message:  While I loved this idea - I learned of the likelihood of the sculptured piece being damaged or ruined by 1) East students, or 2) visitors from other schools during football/baseball games)   I was told it wouldn't be a matter of it might happening - but that it would indeed happen at some point.   (I'll leave both the July & Aug messages up for a while --and then will zap 'em)

July 19, 2019:
Jim Swaim (an EF '65 Eagle  is the owner/artist/designer of Environmental Sculptures.  Jim is the first cousin of EF '78 Linda Hastings Martin (aka wife of our '73 George Martin).

Visit his website to learn more about Jim and in particular, his litter critter sculptures.


A few weeks ago, I contacted Jim to discuss his designing an Eagle sculpture.  The idea is to determine if there's enough interest in our having Jim create a sculpture for the East campus -- and donated to the school by our class.  The cost is currently not known, but Jim has promised to offer a  discount from his usual pricing based on 1) he's an East alumni, and 2) our connection to his cousin Linda.      (We could consider inviting the '72 Eagles to help with the cost and of course including both classes when (if) we do move forward).   When the piece is finished, Jim's team would set an 'installation' date in which all interested could attend.

Soooo----while I wait on pricing info, howsabout dropping me a quick note and letting me know of your interest in participating.  The goal would be to have enough interested folks that your donation would not need to exceed $20.


Open the link below to see the initial artwork Jim designed for this project:






6/22/2019:  Yeppers - I'm already thinking ahead to 2023.  We want to have the biggest turnout ever when we gather on xxx date at xxx venue.   Help us find missing classmates (see the Missing Classmates link (left of homepage)  Share the website with folks, or collect their snail mail and phone contact info and forward to Irma Wilson @


Big plans are already underway for the EFHS Class of 1973 to 'gift' the school with at as yet undisclosed item (which could be placed inside or outside and be something for future Eagles to enjoy.) I can already imagine the item being in photos from students and visitors to the campus.   Hopefully by the end of July 2019 I'll be in a position to share more info