Timothy Long

Profile Updated: March 29, 2009
Timothy Long
Residing In: Winston Salem, NC USA
Spouse/Partner: Dana Taylor Long
Occupation: (If retired, tell us what you used to do) VP Mfg.- Swaim, Inc.
We'd love to know how many children you might have (and their names) Jaclyn Morgan-bn. 1982-grad. w/masters deg. App. State, Married Matthew Talbert & teaches at Walkertown More…Elem.

Joni Marie--bn 1984-grad ECU w/MS in Occupational Therapy--practices in Charleston, SC
Yes! Attending Reunion

NCSU--then married "the girl in the drive through window at Wachovia". Worked hard, raised two special girls, who never gave me a minute of trouble. (We kept them too active in church, cheerleading and band to have time to get in trouble)
Dana and I have lived in Wallburg since 1989. It is probably her tolerance that has kept us married for 29 years. Dana has a degree in Design and works with Architects and Builders.
I have a love affair with the outdoors. I'm rarely inside the house and have created massive projects for myself to keep me in the woods. Over the past seven years I made a 50 ft. log barn and a 1400 sq ft. log house with logs I cut off my property. The house was for my youngest daughter to live in after she graduated from ECU but she did her internship in Charleston SC, and of course, fell in love with Charleston. (who doesn't) Now I just get to look at the empty house and wonder what my next project will be.
I"m distressed at how many classmates have passed away so soon. We are still young, but I guess the odds are more evident because our class was so large.

School Story:

You guys remember all the racial tension we had at school. Well, good ole Bobby Dunlap (who I liked then and still do) was looking for an idiot, I mean , a campaign manager when he was running for Class President. Although I repeatedly told him no, he insisted all I had to do was introduce him before he spoke at assembly. He told me I could help bring blacks and whites together if I would do this so I reluctantly agreed. Little did I know at the time of the speeches, that Mr. Lewis had rejected Bobby's written speech as too inflammatory and made Bobby write an alternate speech.
So, the socially retarded, white, dirt-farmer patsy, nervously introduced Bobby and slinked back to my seat on the stage. If you were there, you probably remember the fiery speech Bobby gave. All the "good ole boys" in the audience began to boo and hiss at Bobby and some began to leave up the isles as some teachers tried to corrale them back. I began to have visions of my "demise" right then and there.
I laugh about it now, but I honest-to-God feared for my life for a while. The travel brocheures to South Vietnam began to look pretty good for a time. WHEW!!
Staying on the subject of race, one of the most endearing, intelligent, motivating teachers at East was Coach Lash. I came to admire and respect the big burly black man with the booming voice who was a genius at math. His image and words have stuck with me through the years. He and Mrs. Ross were my two favorite teachers at East because of their integrity and caring for other people.

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