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•   Perry Stigall  10/12
•   Kemp Baker  10/2
•   Debbie McBride (Johnson)  9/25
•   Marilyn Matthews (Jackson)  7/13
•   Debbie Dillon (Class Of '70)  6/21
•   David Landreth  4/6
•   Marilyn Settle (Doolittle)  3/30
•   Rick Billings  3/18
•   Elaine Clifton (Reich)  2/28
•   Dwight Deal  1/31
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•   Danny Bodsford  10/15
•   Ricky Ward  10/15
•   Kathy Beeson (Swain)  10/17
•   Linda Cody (Hale (Class Of '72))  10/19
•   Bill Bauguss ((Class Of '72))  10/20
•   Joyce Hicks (Whicker)  10/20
•   Joy White (Sutton)  10/20
•   Ken Mabe  10/21
•   Dean Mabe  10/22
•   Jerry Stigall  10/26
•   Perry Stigall  10/26
•   John Mullikin  10/27
•   Suzanne Ross  10/27
•   Sammy Vernon  10/29
•   Joyce Fitzpatrick (Class Of '72)  10/30
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Percentage of Joined Eagles: 48.8%

A:   347   Joined
B:   364   Not Joined


•   Keith Smith  2019
•   Randy Boyer  2019
•   Nancy Hope  2018
•   Steve Morehead  2018
•   Syndi Gardner (Lopez (Class Of '72))  2018
•   Constance Harvey  2018
•   Richard Boles  2018
•   Angus Carter  2017
•   Jamie Bauguss  2017
•   Gary Hester  2017
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Make plans to enjoy good food (and even better fellowship) on Saturday, Oct 26 at the Olympic's West Mountain St. (K'ville) location.   The fun begins at 9.............knowing our group, it'll probably be 9:30ish before we're seated and ready to order something yummy.  Let us know of your plans to attend by submitting a registration.

EFHS Class of '73

 This site is a great way to reconnect to your school family.  cool  Visit often, and please send  NEWS that can be shared here.   heart 

Sept. 11, 2019:  Prayers are requested for our classmate Beverly Thompson and her family.  Brian Huie, son of Beverly and her former husband, EF '70 Keith Huie, died earlier this week.  Arrangements will be posted in the Family obituary link once known.



July 13, 2019: Open the Spotlight On link and read the message in the Hall of Fame album.  The school needs nominees for the 2020 Hall of Fame ceremony.

****Note my new email as of May 2019:

Message forum updated July 1, 2019 - Interesting article from 2014 . Open the Message forum link (left of home page)

  Fitz on Main, 109 N Main St., K'ville
Open 7am to 1:30pm Monday-Saturday

(updated  8/12/2019 laugh A slideshow of Eagle visitors to Fitz.   
*Members of the site  can also view the photos from the Photo Gallery link.  (you have to log-on to open the gallery)
 The slideshow takes a minute or so to load due to the volume of pictures (approx. 300)  Once loaded, photos 'slide' every 2-3 seconds.

BTW - my regular days have changed as of Sept. 10, 2019:  Regular days include:  7am to close on Tuesdays; 8:30am to close on Thurs.; 10:30am  to close on Fridays, and 7am to close on Saturdays.  

 Photos upload randomly each time you launch the home page. cool 

7/2019:  Got grandbabies?  Wanna show 'em off?  Upload your photos to the Grandbabies album in the Photo Gallery link.  The Grandbabies album was created a looong time ago.  There are numerous albums , either created by you, or some mystery Eagle may have done so on your behalf.    If you already have an album, update it with current pics.   Open the Photo Gallery link, and then open the "Our Grandbabies" album.  Shawn Jones, Randy Hall and Irma Wilson's albums were updated 7/2019.  Hope lots of you will add to an existing album, OR create one.  heart

 221 N. Main St., Kernersville; opened as of Jan 25, 2019
Open the Biz Owners/Services link (top of homepage) and then click on the Kernersville Brewing Co. album)



 View the profile update box (right of home page) from time to time...names displayed represent either a new member, or an existing member who has updated their profile)  wink

And did you know that from the Classmate profile link - you can click on "Show  Eagle Photo" to see all our mugshots from our senior yearbook (you have to be logged on ) cheeky