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•   Rob Edwards  2/23
•   Clarke McGriff  2/23
•   Doug Marion  2/23
•   Lisa Neal (Myers)  2/21
•   Rick Billings  2/21
•   Joyce Hicks (Whicker)  2/21
•   Robert Lee Jordan, Jr  2/3
•   Fred Yancey  1/20
•   Debra Earwood (Hinson)  11/17
•   Rebecca Venable (Grusser)  11/16
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•   Sherry Boyles  3/8
•   Michelle Ward  3/8
•   George Harrelson, Jr  3/9
•   Eddie Pegram  3/9
•   Debbie Maranville (Dillard)  3/10
•   Donna Solomon (Clinard)  3/10
•   Janice Fair (Idol)  3/12
•   Robin Slater (Broadstreet)  3/12
•   Hubert James Williams  3/13
•   Dawn Mallard (Galloway)  3/15
•   Mike Merritt  3/15
•   Lisa Neal (Myers)  3/16
•   Mary Emily Reece (Adcock)  3/17
•   Linda VanHoy (Lewis)  3/17
•   Mary Pearson (Greene)  3/18
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Percentage of Joined Eagles: 49.1%

A:   342   Joined
B:   355   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


•   Clara Gaines ((Teacher))  2021
•   Patricia Cummings (Fetter)  2020
•   Kathy Bennett  2020
•   Robin Sapp  2020
•   Sandra Kiger (Idom)  2020
•   Chester Bowman  2020
•   Marty Fulp  2020
•   Keith Crotts  2020
•   Ronald Kale  2020
•   Dennis Stoltz  2020
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EFHS Class of '73

 This site is a great way to reconnect to your school family.  cool  Visit often, and please send  NEWS that can be shared here.   heart 


March 3, 2021:  Open the Spotlight On link (top of homepage) and see who is currently in the spotlight      And a new album has been added to the Biz Owners/Services link  


Psalm 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.


Feb. 20:  Prayers to Cindy Rhodes and her family. Cindy's mother passed away Feb. 19.  See the Family obituary link

Feb. 18:  Saddened by the Feb. 11 death of former teacher/guidance counselor Clara Gaines.   See the In Loving Memory link

Feb. 13: Prayers to the Ross family. Eleanor Ross, a beloved EF teacher,  and mother to our classmate Suzanne, died Feb. 10.

  See the Family Obituaries link (top of homepage)


Feb. 27, 2021:   Help Cheryl (Cheri) Cameron Newell with her plans to publish several of her books some time this year.   Her first published book, "An Angel Just LIke You" has been available for a number of years (a couple of copies were won by lucky classmates at our 40th reunion)   Cheri has been told having a blog with a ton of followers will increase her chance of getting the books published.   Click the link below the picture and sign up now!



  Fitz on Main, 109 N Main St., K'ville
7:30am to 1:30pm Tues-Saturday

Seating is at 50% capacity until further notice. 

(updated  11/25/2020 laugh A slideshow of Eagle visitors to Fitz.   

*Members of the site  can also view the photos from the Photo Gallery link.  (you have to log-on to open the gallery)
 The slideshow takes a minute or so to load due to the volume of pictures (approx. 300)  Once loaded, photos 'slide' every 2-3 seconds.

 Photos upload randomly each time you launch the home page. cool 

 View the profile update box (right of home page) from time to time...names displayed represent either a new member, or an existing member who has updated their profile)  wink

And did you know that from the Classmate profile link - you can click on "Show  Eagle Photo" to see all our mugshots from our senior yearbook (you have to be logged on ) cheeky