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Jan 21: 
What an unexpected surprise today when Rick Pierce told me he needed a few min. of my time. We weren't busy when he was in Fitz for lunch - so I sat down with him. 18 months after our 60th birthday bash at his lake house -- he's ready to have us come back. He enjoyed himself sooo much that evening -- and continues to have folks tell him what a great party it was. He made a # of new friends - and enjoyed renewing friendships with others.

Bottom line -- he wants our group back! Date to be determined later - but for now - I'm wanting to get an estimate as to those of you who are interested in a summer gathering. As far as food -- share your thoughts .   Post your thoughts/suggestions in the Message forum link (log-on, and click below)  BJ Fagg -- we hope you'll take us out on your boat again!
Message forum link:

EFHS Class of '73

 This site is a great way to reconnect, and stay connected to your school family.  cool  Scroll thru the entire home page coz newer entries aren't always at top of page devil  Check out EVENTS often -- this page is updated frequently:


Jan 17:  Prayers to Sheree Reid and Susan Mabe. Sheree's father, Gene Reid, passed away Jan 16 (see the Family obituary link)  Susan's father-in-law, Mac McDuffie, died Jan 15. 



  Spotlight on:   heart Log-on and open link below:

Jan. 19:  Congrats to Brandon & Kasey Hall on the Jan 15 arrival of their son Coleman Grae Hall - weighing in at 9 lbs, 13 oz.   Coleman's granddad is our very own Randy Hall.heart


(updated 1/21/17 laugh):  A slideshow of Eagle visitors to Fitz.   
*Members of the site can also view the photos from Photo Gallery link (top of home page; requires log-on)  Photos upload randomly each time you launch the home page. cool

Jan 7:  A new photo gallery has been added for your snow pics.  Hope to see lots of happy faces -- young or not so young.  As you upload your photos - a new album contributed to you will be created. cheeky

And while you're uploading your snow photos - howsabout adding photos to the other albums; i.e family shots; grandbabies, weddings, etc.

Jan 1, 2017:  Our EF '72 friend Dave Kennedy's (brother of our classmate Marcia Kennedy Deans)  home, and most of the contents, have been destroyed by a New Year Eve's  fire.  His sister Dorcas has created a Go Fund Me account to help Dave financially during this time of loss.
Anyone wanting to donate directly to Dave vs the Go Fund Me site - contact Irma @ for where to send a donation.

11/9/2016:  Please log-on and take the reunion survey (tab is  @ top of home page)

Slideshow above = photos from the Misc. Pics album within the Photo Gallery link.  (to add photos - open the Photo Gallery link - and then the Misc. Pics album.   Your uploaded photos will become part of the slideshow)  New photos added often - so view the slideshow each time you visit.  cheeky  (Last update:  7/6)

 View the profile update box (right of home page) from time to time...names displayed represent either a new member, or an existing member who has updated their profile)  wink

And did you know that from the Classmate profile link - you can click on "Show  Eagle Photo" to see all our mugshots from our senior yearbook (you have to be logged on ) cheeky