50th reunion IMPORTANT

May 15, 2023

Good morning all!  

As I'm writing this, I'm  thinking about the wonderful evening so many of us enjoyed at the 50th reunion!  

First, were you as 'dazzled' by our venue, appropriately named DazzLin Event Center ?  Melissa Richardson has created a  wonderful event venue for the Kernersville community.  She gets all the credit for the decor. It's the first reunion we've hosted where all we had to do was 'walk in'.   The seating areas was top notch; the table settings, etc - Melissa gets credit for it all.

 Throughout the evening, I observed everyone enjoying themselves.  From one on one conversations, to small and large groups gathered - everywhere there were conversations, smiles, and laughter.  The food was good and plentiful.  

Don Sumerford did a great job as our emcee.  There were a few prize categories typical of a school reunion - longest married, most children or grandchildren, who traveled the furtherest, etc.  
The longest married winner(s) happens to be one (of many) class couples - Vicki Beeson and Rick Billings.    Did you know there are over a dozen '73 class couples?  Visit the "Did You Know" link on our website.  There's a variety of info.  Check out what's there, and if you can add anything, let me know.

As our event was being planned, Barbara suggested we have a 50/50 raffle, and a silent auction.  She was instrumental in obtaining the items for the auction, which included numerous name brand items.  The auction, and the raffle brought in hundreds of $$$ which will go towards a 2023 EFHS graduate scholarship*.   The 50/50 winner was Connie Martin Korner.  She  donated her portion back to the scholarship fund.   *East's guidance counselors  set the criteria for the scholarship.  Once their candidate has been named, and the scholarship given, there'll be an update on the website.

Two last comments.  1) Please share your photos!  Log-on the website, click on the Photo Gallery link, then the 50th album.  You'll see an option to add photos.  Once you've uploaded your photos, you'll see a new gallery attributed to you.   2)  Share your comments about the evening in the Message Forum link (displayed to the left of the homepage)

The reunion commmitee thanks you for helping make our 50th event memorable!   

  Dwight Deal, Missy Flynt, Paige Lauten, Buddy Nelson, Felix Smith, Don Sumerford, Barbara Watson, Irma Wilson   (Buddy gets an extra salute for suggesting DazzLin!)