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*Hope you enjoy reading the notes in Classmate connection album .    If you have any connections  to add - contact Irma by sending a message to irmawcomer@gmail.com

Check out the album:  K'ville venues.
K'ville is home to a few nice venues for events for a variety of occasions. Two of the venues have class connections:  Dewberry Manor is the family home of Elaine Johnson. Owners of Dewberry Manor is Elaine's brother and sister-in-law. 
Barn @ Zenfield  is available for weddings.  Owners are Marcy & Randy Weavil. Randy is a '74 Eagle (his sister is '72 Patty Jo)  Randy's 1st cousin is '73 Carl aka Buddy Nelson.
Dazz-Lin Event Center is in the newly renovated (as of early 2023) VFW Building on Edgewood St.   It's 'home' to our 50th class reunion.  It's a terrific venue for any large occasions (capacity exceeds 500) (a Dazz-Lin album  hasn't yet been added .  For those of you attending our 50th event, you'll know how dazzling it is!


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